About Erica

Erica is an author, poet, freelance writer,
and world creator focusing on character driven science fiction.

She most enjoys writing science & speculative fiction, horror
and anything of a sad or dark nature,
but that doesn’t preclude her from writing fiction in many other genres.
Whatever ideas pop into her head will eventually make their way on the page.

Her writing captures the reader in the first few lines and
leaves them wanting more.
Though, her mom-career as a freelance writer keeps her busy,
she is working on her first novel (of many), One Way Ticket,
and publishes flash fiction, poetry, short stories and other creative writing.

When not clacking away at the keyboard on one of her multiple projects,
Erica spends time wrangling her two (soon to be three) children
and enjoying date nights with her husband.

She secretly takes pleasure in watching cheesy science fiction
and end of the world movies on Netflix,
is a sucker for The Walking Dead and falls prey to political debates.

As a stay-at-home career mom,
Erica blogs at confesscareermom.wordpress.com about failing at that work-life balance thing in the unAmerican dream of suburbia and living your dreams

At Subtle Notions it’s all about writing, book reviews
and anything else that comes to mind.